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Filling potholes

Von: Tom Crispin (kije.remove@this.bit.freeuk.com.munge) [Profil]
Datum: 03.06.2010 12:45
Message-ID: <s41f065j8se9mr0dr790fb2u3dq63ge4cj@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: uk.rec.driving uk.transport uk.rec.cycling
On Wednesday I cycled the route of the proposed cycle superhighway 5,
an excellent scheme to redistribute road space by taking a slither
from motorists and giving it to cyclists.

I cycled the route with a senior engineer from Transport for London,
three road engineer consultants and a range of other interested
parties representing cycle groups.

On the A2, at the New Cross Gyratory (which is scheduled for removal
to allow two-way traffic, slow traffic speeds, and make the area safer
for cyclists) there was a sunken drain cover causing a nasty pothole.
While we were discussing how road space could be reallocated to
cyclists within the constraints of two-way traffic flow, a truck
pulled up with two workmen. They jumped out of the cab, each carrying
a tub of "ULTRA permanent pothole repair". They proceeded to fill the
pothole and instruct lorry and bus drivers to driver over it to
compact it. Two minutes later and they were done. Two minutes to fill
a pothole!? Why is there such a pothole problem?


And another pothole to fill, link thanks to Alan Braggins:

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