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California State Route 154 video (NEW!)

Von: Carl Rogers (postmaster@wwtl.info) [Profil]
Datum: 02.06.2010 09:07
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Hi Viatologists,

The Worldwide Transportation Library (WWTL) proudly introduces a video
of California State Route 154:

http://wwtl.info/#ca-154v.html *

Watch this video top discover which major city and highway connections
are made along the way.  If you take this route, you effectively
bypass the central California coastline in favour of mountainous
vistas and nearby Lake Cachuma!

As the world's leader in transportation multimedia, the WWTL offers
221 road videos from the Americas, Asia, and Europe.   We offer high-
tech solutions to those who conduct online viatological studies.
Bookmark us today at http://wwtl.info . As an international research
body, we offer localised translations in English, French, Spanish,
Italian, and German.

(*Playback is not supported on screen resolutions 1024x768 and lower.)


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