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Coverage of the UK and Ireland at the Worldwide Transportation Library

Von: Carl Rogers (postmaster@wwtl.info) [Profil]
Datum: 09.05.2010 23:39
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Newsgroup: uk.rec.driving uk.transport
Hi Viatologists,

As part of its international roadway coverage, the Worldwide
Transportation Library (WWTL) covers the Republic of Ireland and
Northern Ireland.  We provide several photographs for you to review:

http://wwtl.info/#photographs-europe.html *

Simply choose the country you're interested in from the menu above
(Ireland, UK) and go from there!

Currently, we offer distance charts for Northern Ireland motorways.
This helps you determine what cities each motorway serves.  (Distance
charts will be deployed to Irish motorways before the end of 2011.)

The WWTL provides more photographs than any viatological research
website today.  With coverage spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, and
Australia, we're your most complete resource.  Enjoy!

(*If your desktop resolution is 1024x768 or smaller, please visit the
following URL instead: http://wwtl.info/photographs-europe.html )


Carl Rogers
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Since 2000, we have offered several photographs, videos and
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