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Introducing WWTL Trivia!

Von: Carl Rogers (postmaster@wwtl.info) [Profil]
Datum: 28.05.2010 06:31
Message-ID: <b7b905ef-892e-46d7-814d-378afcad4eea@40g2000pry.googlegroups.com>
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We at the Worldwide Transportation Library (WWTL) think we're better
than you. Think otherwise?  Prove it!

Presenting WWTL Trivia!  It's the next generation in interactive
viatology.  WWTL Trivia is a quiz on worldwide roads that answers the
question of how much you really know.

To play WWTL Trivia, simply do the following:

http://wwtl.info > Trivia

Nervous?  The simplicity ends there....  Now put your scientific mind
to the test.  No cheating.  Just leverage what's between your ears..

Tonight, WWTL Trivia has four questions for you to answer.  More will
come in the future.  Think you're a hot-shot?  Complexity will
increase over the next few weeks as we add more questions.  So stay

In the not so distant future, we will offer online rewards if you
answer enough questions correctly.  Earn your badge.  You're now on
notice.  Objective measurement awaits you.


Carl Rogers
"Environment first, transportology second"
Worldwide Transportation Library (WWTL):
http://m.wwtl.info [Mobile]
+1 201.676.0185 [Press]
Complete coverage of international roads and railways.
Since 2000, we have offered several photographs, videos and
Virtual 360 captures -- to each viatologist & transportologist.

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