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BBC News - Coalition considers plan to sell off Britain's roads

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Datum: 23.05.2010 22:51
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Well, under normal circumstances, this is truly excellent news.

At last another of the last vestiges of British Stalinism is to be
addressed (bring on privatisation of the NHS and education then the
job can be said to be really done).

Long overdue considering how long we’ve known that big state is the
road to absolute penury and how horribly socialist our country still
remains in spite of it being an ideology that is surely now totally
discredited, belonging in the last century and certainly not in the
new millennium.

However, the worry must be that the government’s enthusiasm is based
on the need to pay down the national debt.

This suggests it would not be a tax neutral proposal in other words
the entirely deluded concept that tax increases can play a role in
addressing the public deficit.

Though it has been long overdue that HGVs should pay appropriately for
their infrastructure and redress the unfair playing field (to rail) in
which rail freight and road freight operate.

With an economy on its knees tax increases are just giving the patient
a good kicking to see if there’s any life left – it’s just pissing
into the wind on a monumental scale.

The proposal must not be used as an excuse for politicians to avoid
the necessary, vital and huge huge public spending cuts.

We’ve been waiting thirteen long wasteful years for the state to be
squeezed till the pips squeak – there must be no turning back if the
economy is ever to recover.

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