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british petrolium issues

Von: Pauli G (rioroad@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 31.05.2010 02:59
Message-ID: <2387a54f-7841-4ebf-8f1f-3ba45cff260f@a39g2000prb.googlegroups.com>
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Dear Chaps,
I've long been an admirer of england and english things like muffins
and bagpipes, but I am now finding mysefl getting hot under my collar
becuase I think the english have been absolutely fucktarded in dumping
thier oil all over america.  It's one thing to dump oil all over india
or hong kong becuase those are basically just colonies, but for
heavans sake they (english) seem to have no clue on how to drill/cap a
simple oil well.   my train of thought have been twofold.   Point one,
the EU bans the english from ever setting foot near another oil
drilling rig, whether it be on land, sea or in between.    Point two,
if that dumbledorf fellow running bp can't plug the leak inside of one
week, the americans should have the right to let loose with a couple
of supertankers off the shores of england and give those english
beaches a little petrolium "what for".   I'm sure that would get the
english arses in gear, or more likely force them to admit that they
are completely in the dark about technology in general (something that
I'm sure has been long suspected but not talked about due to touchy
english feelings since america won the war for them).

Chin up ole boy

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