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Finding information on the best public transport

Von: john hamilton (bluestarx@mail.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 04.05.2010 17:55
Message-ID: <hrpg18$oom$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: uk.transport.buses uk.transport
I would like to use my pensioners freedom pass on the train from Victoria
down to Caterham.

Then to get a bus from Caterham to Edenbridge Town.

The route looks straight forward if going by car; along the A25 down the
B269 and into the B2026 and in total is about 12 miles.

But I don't quite know where or how is the best way to determine how to get
there inexpensively by public transport, presumabaly a bus.  Grateful for
any advice, thanks.

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