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Scrollbars added to the Picture Slideshow

Von: Carl Rogers (postmaster@wwtl.info) [Profil]
Datum: 09.05.2010 20:06
Message-ID: <3fc5380b-ac7d-439e-820a-b72331b6a6e8@n37g2000prc.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: ne.transportation uk.transportrec.autos.driving misc.transport.road
Hi Viatologists,

Here at the Worldwide Transportation Library (WWTL), we have fixed a
lingering problem with our Picture Slideshow feature.  The problem
affected both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

It turns out the Slideshow inadvertently cropped text at the bottom of
the screen!  Though this didn't affect every photograph entry on our
page, it may have negatively affected the entries you were most
interested in reading.

A fix has been deployed that puts scrollbars *directly* onto the
photograph entries.  Previously, the scrollbar was a property of its
parent iframe, where a fixed height is defined.  (You can now see what
caused the text cropping in the first place!)

Net result:  you may now scroll from top-to-bottom on all photograph

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