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what is it with the French?

Von: thomas (t0mmy@luvaduck.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.04.2010 15:39
Message-ID: <8334q5Fq4gU1@mid.individual.net>
Newsgroup: uk.transport
had to take the car over to Calais to pick up an elderly aunt to bring her
back to Cardigan, West Wales

The last couple of days the authorities were refusing footpassengers berths
so the brits were buying bikes to get around the silly laws - now they're
making people cycle on board with their luggage and if they wobble/cannot
they think its great fun in turning them away

The ferry was busy but a long way from full and there were people in Calais
wanting to get home but were being turned away

I recall a couple of years ago I was stopped getting on board a plane as I
was 5 minutes late - fair enough except the flight was delayed by well over
an hour and the passengers were on the other side of a still manned passport
/ticket checking desk having a sit down

Just reminded of charles de gaulle airport - circular building with a
security check - showed my ticket but was turned away, I went into a shop
which had an entrance/exit the other side of the barrier (as the building
was circular)  I could  have just walked round the building the othger way
If the shop had been closed - WTF?

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