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"Plane Stupid targets Red Bullshit"

Von: Doug (jagmad@riseup.net) [Profil]
Datum: 27.04.2010 07:21
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Newsgroup: uk.transport
"Environmental campaign group, Plane Stupid, has deposited a large
mound of manure outside the south London HQ of soft drink giant Red
Bull. Three activists, dressed as ‘avenging air hostesses’ in wigs and
mini-dresses the same colour as the company’s logo, crowned the mound
with placards reading: ‘Red Bull-sh*t’, ‘Red Bull gives you (plane)
wings’ and ‘No second runway by stealth.’

The move was prompted by the revelation that Red Bull has applied for
planning permission to build an aerodrome opposite London City
Airport. The company claims that the new control tower, runway and
helipads would support its annual air race on the River Thames.

But there are growing fears that the company is working with London
City Airport and Newham Council to introduce a new heliport and
permanent runway for private jets through the back door. ‘We believe
Red Bull’s claim is bullsh*t and we’re telling them so,’ said
spokeswoman Elizabeth Baines.
‘London City Airport is positioning itself a major hub for City
executives,’ Elizabeth continued. ‘We suspect that Red Bull’s plannin
application is an underhand way of helping the airport to attract
private jet and helicopter users. That way, they won’t have to deal
with fierce opposition from people in East London who are sick and
tired of the noise and pollution from the airport.’

London City Airport has been feeling the heat recently. Local campaign
group Fight The Flights (FTF) has launched a High Court bid to stop
the airport from expanding its flights volume by 50%. Six local
councils have publically supported FTF’s bid. The Greater London
Assembly’s Environment Committee is also holding a probe into the
effects of the expansion.

‘We insist that Newham council turns down this planning application.
Red Bull may have high flying ideas but this time we think their wings
should be clipped,’ Elsie added. ‘

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