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VOIP Line Suitable for Fax Machine

Von: RinkyDinkyDee (nokiaunlocker@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.05.2010 21:38
Message-ID: <84gk56FplpU1@mid.individual.net>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom.voip
Just wondering if anyone knew of a voip provider that would be suitable
for a fax machine to work over?

I've tried Vonage, but the quality wasn't good enough, they said they
could do a fax line but wanted to put the voice line down to £3.50 a
month then charge another £6 for a fax line, Virgin have offered me a £3
a month discount on my line with them if I stay with them making them
50p a month cheaper!

Any suggestions please?

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