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Single number, multiple lines. How to?

Von: fred (not@for.mail) [Profil]
Datum: 05.05.2010 17:02
Message-ID: <JAeiM3B7hY4LFw30@y.z>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom.voip
I looking at having 2 VOIP lines in a small home office but would like
to advertise just one number and have incoming calls fed to whichever of
the lines is free at the time.

A provider I have spoken to doesn't support conditional routing such as
divert on busy but has suggested linking the lines with 'also ring' so
that both lines ring whenever there is an incoming call but I can see
problems with this.

Both voip lines will be routed into a Siemens Gigaset IP system (C475IP
or S685IP - 2 voip + 1 pstn) with 3 handsets and I had planned to have
ring for any incoming call. I can see it being confusing to have both
incoming lines ringing (via 'also ring') as it will look as if there are
2 incoming calls instead of 1 and if the call goes to voicemail (on the
gigaset) will it get confused and try to take 2 messages?

I can imagine this being quite a common configuration, eg shop with 2
lines and one number, so can't believe I'm the first to come across

How are others doing this?
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