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SMSListo charges incorrect

Von: Malcolm Loades (devnull@spam-trap.org.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 03.05.2010 11:37
Message-ID: <fabxlJHylp3LFwce@news.posting>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom.voip
The published tariff to a landline I call frequently is 0.04 euro/minute
but I've just spotted that every call I've made to this landline since
26 April has been charged at 0.18 euro/minute!  Calls to this same
number prior to that date have been charged at 0.04/minute and the
tariff page still shows the rate as being 0.04/minute.

Of course I've e-mailed SMSListo but what are the chances of getting a
refund of the overcharges?  Anyone ever managed to get a refund from a
Betamax company?  And worst of all I've switched to an alternative,
cheaper than 0.18 but dearer than 0.04 provider, but how will I ever
know if SMSListo correct the charging if they ignore my e-mails as

Incidentally my belief that the lowest call costs were always with
Betamax companies was proven wrong today.  Mobile calls to one country I
call are very much cheaper via Sipgate than any Betamax company - around
45% cheaper!!

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