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smslisto autorecharge

Von: Malcolm Loades (devnull@spam-trap.org.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 03.04.2010 10:21
Message-ID: <bNdAAkDDqvtLFwNu@news.posting>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom.voip
Anyone got any tips on how to get this working again?

It worked fine until a few months ago when smslisto wrote saying

>Due to an update of our payment system we have to switch OFF the
>automatic recharge for your account.
>This update will take place today, February 2 at 12.00 CET
>After the update, you have to do a new payment by yourselves, during
>which you can RE-activate automatic recharge again.

I did a new payment, selected auto recharge which was confirmed on the
payment screen, but when the credit ran out it didn't recharge.  I keep
making payments and each time I opt for auto recharge and each time it's
confirmed but never actually happens!

Naturally I've e-mailed smslisto several times asking what the problem
is and even more naturally (for them) they don't respond.

If they weren't the lowest cost (or near to lowest) provider for my
calling pattern I'd just give up.  As it is I need to use them but keep
getting moans from everyone when they can't make calls because of lack
of credit.

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