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Irritating background noise with Sipgate/X-lite

Von: Lobster (davidlobsterpot601@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.01.2010 17:08
Message-ID: <7i30n.17820$jj1.15326@newsfe12.ams2>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom.voip
2nd of 2 (entirely unrelated! queries on this setup:

Just been setting up Sipgate on my daughter's uni laptop while it's home
for Xmas, using the latest free download of X-Lite.  After some faffing
about, it's working, but am finding that the person calling in (ie via
landline/mobile phone) is consistently getting an annoying pulsating
white noise in the background (it pulses about twice per second).  The
person on using the voip phone hears none of this; their audio quality
is fine.  Any ideas please?

(In case it's relevant - initially the third party couldn't hear
anything from the person on the voip phone, so I implemented the fix
described here (changing a codec I think!?): http://tinyurl.com/yc3e8os (or

Furthermore, it makes no difference whether I'm using X-lite on the
laptop's built-in mic/speakers, or via a USB phone.

Thanks for any advice


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