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BT Hawk tester

Von: Liam1f (liam1f@blueyonder.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 22:17
Message-ID: <c799c029-f8c0-42d8-801c-5893b2bc202d@o1g2000vbe.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom
I have recently bought a BT Hawk tester, with an intention of using
the TDR function to check for damaged cables.
This machine does far more than I was expecting it to, and did not
come with a user manual.
I can figure out quite a lot by just playing about with it, but does
anyone know how to use it for real? Particularly the TDR function?
I have contacted Spirent, the manufacturers, who have advised that
there is a whole section on the BT intranet about the Hawk;
unfortunately, I am not a BT employee.
I actually intend to use the machine on plant machinery, to find
damage in wiring looms. (I realise this is off-subject, but I'm hoping
the people with the knowledge will be in this forum).
I'm not sure what I can offer in return. I'm a bit of an all-rounder
in knowledge and experience (jack/master etc.) but might be able to
help others, somewhere!

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