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[?] Would like to decode and display V22bis data (2400baud)

Von: David Chapman (dave@minda.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 18:09
Message-ID: <n4P79TApsmDMFw1C@chassis.demon.co.uk>
Newsgroup: sci.electronics.design uk.telecom
I have some high-quality DAT recordings of a V22bis (2400 baud)
data exchange between a modem and a computer, which were made by
recording across the telephone line via a suitable interface.

I'd like to be able to decode, display and analyse the data in these
recordings, preferably using hardware circuitry to drive a suitable
serial interface program (such as Tera Term or similar). I realise that
my recordings are of a two-way data exchange, so any decoded information
will need some 'untangling' to separate the go and return paths,
however, since I'm only interested in observing and understanding the
actual handshaking procedures, I'd be happy to accept results that are
not entirely perfect.

Can anyone recommend a simple and effective way to do this?  I was
wondering if any of the dedicated data modem ICs that were all the rage
when modem speeds were much slower than today, are still available. If
so, can anyone recommend one that could translate the actual V22bis
tones into suitable logic levels?

I'm sure that the experts in this NG will have already realised that
data is NOT my speciality subject so, if I'm asking for something silly
or unreasonable, please feel free to tell me (but gently) the error of
my ways. ;-)

TIA  -  Dave

David C.Chapman - (dcchapman@minda.co.uk)

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