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uk.telecom mini FAQ (weekly posting)

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Datum: 02.06.2010 08:00
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Newsgroup: uk.telecom
This is a weekly short posting giving brief details of where to find
more information about the subject of uk.telecom: telecommunications
in the UK.

The FAQ for the group is available on the web at

The FAQ is dated May 1996. This may seem out of date but the basics
of telecoms have not changed much since then. Please at least scan
through the FAQ before asking a question.

Another good place to look is in the Usenet archive at Google. Go to
<URL:http://groups.google.com/> or, for more advanced searches, to

There is a web page of links to other sources of telecoms information at

The group is too old to have a formal charter. We have developed some
rules though. Please do not post advertisements, binaries, binary-like
things such as uuencoded text, or HTML.

Other uk.* groups dealing with telecoms are: uk.telecom.mobile, dealing
with mobile and paging matters; uk.telecom.broadband, dealing with ADSL
and other high speed things; uk.telecom.voip, dealing with voice over
IP services; and uk.adverts.telecom.mobile, for mobile phone advertising.
Please limit cross-posting by chosing only one of these groups.

Anyone interested in any uk.* newsgroup should really subscribe to
uk.net.news.announce. This is a low volume moderated group for things like
proposed new groups, charter changes, and UK Usenet Committee elections.
For full details about the uk.* hierachy see <URL:http://www.usenet.org.uk>.

Welcome to uk.telecom. If you talk sense about telecoms you will not
go far wrong.

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