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UK Telecom Tariff Comparisons at http://www.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/ - May 2010

Von: Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd (angus@magsys.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 01.06.2010 11:16
Message-ID: <memo.20100601101618.15136A@local.magsys.co.uk>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom
UK Residential Telecom Tariff Comparisons, v145, 31 May 2010

Comparisons of 142 residential and 67 business telephone tariff call
costs, and 342 residential and 179 business call plans charged by 133
different operators and resellers in the United Kingdom, compiled by
Magenta Systems Ltd.

05pence, 0844 Calls, 123Call, 1301, 18185.co.uk, 1899.com, 24Talk,
4tel Communications, Abroadcall, AbroadTel, ACN, Adept Telecom, Alpha
Telecom, Andrews & Arnold, AOL, Auracall, Axis Telecom, Band Telecom,
Barablu, British Telecom, Budgetcom, Call 18866, Call2Call, Call
Happy, Calls Discount, Callserve, Callthrough.co.uk, Call Union,
Carphone Warehouse, Cheapest Calls, Cheapest Chat, CherryCall,
Clever Rates, Coms.Com, Continental Telecom, CountryCall, Crazy
Cheap Calls, CytaUK, Daisy Communications, Demon, Direct Save
Telecom, DrayTEL, Dial Around, DialWise, Discount Dial, Easy-Dial,
Eclipse, Euphony, eZe-Talk, First National Telecom, First:Telecom,
First Number, Focus 4U, FreeCall, FreedomCall, Fused Webcalls, Gold
Telecom, GoTalk!, Gradwell, HIGHnet, ICUK, IDNet, Jajah, Jersey
Telecom, Joy Telecom, Just Phone, Kent Telephones, Kingston Comms,
Liquid Telecom, Localphone, LycaTel, Mootel, My Mondo, NetCalls4Less,
OneBill Telecom, O2, Opal, Orange, PhoneBird, Phone Cheap, The Phone
Co-Op, Phonestar, Pipex, PlusNet, Post Office, Primus, Qdial, Qudo,
QX Telecom, RateBuster, Resource Utilities, Saga Telephone Service,
Scottish & Southern Energy, Simply-Fone, Sipgate, Skype, Sky Talk,
Smallworld Media, Solwise, Story Telecom, SuperLine, Talkcheaper.net,
Telecom Plus, Telediscount, Telesave, Telesavers, Telestunt, TeleTop,
Tesco Talk, Tiscali, Topup2Talk, TopUpDial, TopUpNow, UKCall, Unicom,
Universal Telecom, Uniworld, Ventelo, Virgin Media (ntl:Telewest),
Vodafone, VoIPCheap, Voipfone, Vonage, WebCall Direct, Welcome Telecom,
Wizards, Work-Phones, XLN Telecom, Yellow Telecoms, Yourcalls.net, and
Zen Internet.

The tariff comparison also contains tables showing all non-geographic
special tariff codes for mobiles, paging and information services,
including operator, use, and tariff band, national and international
dialling codes, access codes, and forthcoming code changes.
The full tariff comparison may also be viewed on-line at:


Please note the full range of tariff information is only available to
paid members. Non-members may still view residential tariffs on the web
site, but only members can view business tariffs and download the
original spreadsheets and Acrobat (PDF) files.

Full membership details are on the web site.

Version 145 in late May 2010 adds Auracall (business and residential)
and O2 (residential), and updates Gradwell (business), Opal (business),
Phone Co-Op (business and residential), Post Office (residential), Sky
Talk (residential), TalkTalk (residential), Telecom Plus (residential)
and Tiscali (residential). CF1 Telecom (Consumer First) and Care
Telecom have disappeared and been removed.

The presentation of the UK Telecom Tariff Cost Comparison web site has
substantially changed this month, to improve clarity and offer improved
comparison between the hundreds of telephone tariffs listed.

Extended CodeLook now lists all numbers found, instead of one at time
using next and previous, provided at least two or three digits are
entered.  The new list allows clicking for full details of each number,
also the charging band and operator.  The number and charge band pages
show the cost of calling that number both as detailed call cost bands
and sample costed calls of  various lengths on different days and
times.  Calls may be costed by any residential or business package
(around 500 at present) selected as the Charge Costing Package.
Because CodeLook now returns multiple numbers, the previous daily limit
of 100 free look-ups has been reduced to 20, after which a membership
login is needed.  We are however offering free membership for
non-commercial use by the various authorities that use CodeLook to
trace telecom operators.

The operators page shows the company address and telephone number and
web link (if available) with details of Ofcom 'licenses' and numbers of
number codes allocated.  When looking-up localities, all the exchange
codes in a locality may now be listed.  These various pages that
previously listed telecom operators and links have been consolidated
into a single common new format, with extended information including
many more external web links, with new links being added each

Business and residential tariff packages may now be listed
alphabetically, or compared by different categorisation such as bundled
free calls and broadband.  For any package, the complete list of call
costs may be viewed.  Line rental costs may be compared. Call costs may
be compared for 350 different charge bands  (instead of six before),
with sample call costs shown for various call lengths between 30
seconds and 1½ hours. Various other reports are planned for future

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