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Tayside and surrounding area old local dialling codes

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Datum: 05.06.2010 14:03
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Newsgroup: uk.telecom
I'm wondering if anyone who may have an old dialling code book can
help me out with old dialling codes in the Blairgowrie/Forfar/
Kirriemuir/Perth/Dundee/Cupar/Ladybank areas pre 1982. I am
particularly interested in the 9X and 9XX (or the earlier 0X and 0XX)
codes used between GSCs or between GSCs and dependents any single
(usually 5,6,7 or 8) and double digit (usually 7X and 8X) local
junction routes between adjacent local exchanges.
I am also wondering where the AMC for the Kirriemuir group was
located, my guess is originally at Kirriemuir and then subsequently at
Forfar looking at the area from a geographical standpoint.

Researches to date have led me to believe that 9XX and 0XX routes may
have co-existed (e.g. 944 and 044) to access a given exchange over the
same route from a GSC depending upon where the call originated i.e.
call barring, can anyone confirm this and explain the general
principle and usage if so.


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