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Vodafone Secure Remote Access - help?

Von: Woody (harrogate3@ntlworld.spam.com) [Profil]
Datum: 25.04.2010 00:07
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My employer supplied laptop has a Vodafone 3G dongle (Huawei)
with it to allow me to remotely access the Co network.

The Vodafone Secure Remote Access (VSRA) is a bit of a pain as,
when installed, it takes over broadband, wi-fi, and mobile
access. Once it has made Internet connection it triggers Cisco
VPN client which, with Secure ID, sets up a VPN into the Co

I've had the unit a year or so and, after a few teething
troubles, I've never had a problem with it - until now. I last
used it about three weeks ago without problem, but every time I
tried this week, both on mobile and on wi-fi it kept failing.

The screen has five stages of connection on it:-
Establishing link
Acquiring network address

This last week it has failed every time at the Authentication
stage as 'unable to contact server.' I have changed nothing since
I last used it so I am baffled as to the cause. I have compared
the config against that of a machine where it works and they
appear identical. The only suggestion from IT is to reload the
software. I have tried the dongle on another identical machine
and it works perfectly. On one of my attempts to go on line I was
next to a Vodafone site and (using GPRS fallback) it was showing
100% signal, so it is not a signal issue. I did manage to get on
line through my free-access hotel wi-fi using Wireless Zero
Config (the machine is running XP2 SP2) without problem, but VRSA
failed every time when used.

I contacted Vodafone and all they could suggest was a firewall
problem - but at the authentication stage it is not even
connected to the Internet so the firewall is not involved.

Anyone familiar with this package and could give me any clues as
to how to get it going again or the possible cause? My machine
has an encrypted hard disc, but I have cold booted several times
which usually overcomes any encryption-related issues to no


harrogate three at ntlworld dot com

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