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Cost of calling mobiles set to fall?

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Datum: 01.04.2010 16:03
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Hopefully this isn't an April Fool joke. :)

The article also mentions that obtaining a PAC will be made easier.

I recently obtained one so I could take my number from O2 to T-Mobile.
I found getting the code from O2 pretty painless: I simply sent them
an email and received it within 24 hours.  Amusingly, getting T-Mobile
to accept it and initiate the transfer turned out to be slightly more
tricky and took two attempts. :)


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Callers to UK mobile phones could see cheaper bills from 2011 under
plans announced by telecoms regulator Ofcom.

It has proposed cutting the cost mobile phone firms can charge for
connecting a call from another network from 4.3 pence per minute to
0.5p by 2015.

Ofcom has also issued new rules to make it quicker and easier to
switch mobile phone providers.

Customers should, by 2011, be able to change mobile providers in one
working day rather than two.

In addition, mobile phone companies will have to issue users with the
Pac code they need in order to keep their existing mobile number by
text message within a maximum of two hours, Ofcom said.

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