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Ofcom corrects Brampton 0169 77 database entries...

Von: nrs22 (nrs22@fsmail.net) [Profil]
Datum: 01.04.2010 23:52
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Newsgroup: uk.telecom

Re: http://groups.google.com/group/uk.telecom/browse_thread/thread/dfd1f0c4b1e5ae63

Re: http://groups.google.com/group/uk.telecom/browse_thread/thread/c6ec5d1891ec6f11

The mystery regarding Brampton and the 0169 77 area code appears to
have been solved.

See: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/telecoms/ioi/numbers/numbers_administered/#geog1

In the file at: "Code and number blocks - 1400 00 to 1799 99",

the entries now read:

1697    72              Allocated               BT      5+4
1697    73              Allocated               BT      5+4
1697    74              Allocated               BT      5+5

So, the area code for Brampton really is (0169 77) and it has:

4-digit local numbers beginning 2xxx
4-digit local numbers beginning 3xxx
5-digit local numbers beginning 4xxxx

The previous incorrect entries were simply very long-standing typos in
the database.


(0169 73) has 5-digit numbers, and is used by  Wigton,

(0169 74) has 5-digit numbers, and is used by  Raughton Head.

There are supposedly also some newer 6-digit numbers beginning
2xxxxx,  38xxxx,  5xxxxx,  70xxxx to 71xxxx,  75xxxx to 79xxxx, and
with the shorter 01697 area code, also assigned to Brampton.

Currently numbers beginning  6xxxxx  and  8xxxxx  are 'protected' in
the 01697 area.

'Brampton' as an area, has 6-digit and 5-digit and 4-digit local
It is the only area to have all three local number lengths.

The 5-digit and 4-digit local numbers use the 0169 77 area code and
the 6-digit local numbers use the 01697 area code.

Both the 0169 73 and 0169 74 areas also have 5-digit local numbers.

Make sure your software can cope with these formats.

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