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bobmobile, scammers and crooks

Von: Davie the Scotsman (dave@planet51.zzn.com) [Profil]
Datum: 16.03.2010 21:28
Message-ID: <a48d0280-ca07-4c0a-a9e4-814577b07e05@b7g2000yqd.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: uk.telecom uk.telecom.mobile
without me signing up for anything and never hearing of them before
the crooks and scammers at bobmobile.co.uk have stolen money from me.

They sent me five text messages and charged me £2.50 a time and what
do they say when I told them I never signed up.

Tough luck!

They are a bunch of crooks registered in Germany and they steal money
from your phone credit and say that you must have signed up.

Liars and crooks and their web site looks like it has been set up by a
degenerate drunken arshole or a five year old kid.

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