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Telecom Operator (Industry) Rates - Costs and Termination Rates - 0844x fixed rate per call and IDA/CPS services or ranges

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Datum: 02.03.2010 17:39
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Newsgroup: uk.telecom

Query regarding telco (operators - industry) rates.

Sorry of the title is unclear.

Specifically I am trying to get an idea of approximate tariff structure
rates for operators, in this instance specifically for 0844x range numbers
that charge end users only a fixed charge per call... e.g. 5 pence per call.

How is a supplying or transiting operator charged or remunerated for such

E.g. If such a number is sourced off the likes of Magrathea or similar,
etc., a caller with a BT line will pay BT 5 pence for the call irrespective
of duration. BT will then pass on say 2/3 pence revenue / remuneration to
the telco number range operator / owner who will then pass on a proportion
to the (end) service operator (party running the actual service on the

How are the or any internal / industry charges operating? I.e. are their no
per minute charges between operators due?; does the call include a fixed
duration of call without additional charge?; etc. - and what rates are

I am asking here rather than just launch straight into asking the horse...
BT... and being propelled straight into a sales pitch and their standard if
you do x minutes this rate; blah blah blah (when a written document or
synopsis would be way easier to digest), equally they are bound to propel
their current sales promotion method such as however if you commit y revenue
we will apply a cross-ratioed proportional respend discount of 10% in the
first year, etc. etc.

Thanks in advance. Any questions or if anything is unclear... please ask.

Best wishes,

News Reader

P.s. If anyone can provide a quick synopsis or overview of CPS / IDA typical
rates and arrangements that would be super great to... lol... thanks ! :)
(e.g. do " BT " charge for customer calls to the IDA / CPS # without a
destination or target number being entered?; what are typical minimum
connection or use charges; typical carriage rate charge (per minute / time
period) just for carrying the CPS / IDA part of the call (i.e. ignoring any
destination or termination component). Thanks? : - )

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