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VHS tape: highly appropriate use

Von: wrightsaerials@aol.com (wrightsaerials@f2s.com) [Profil]
Datum: 02.06.2010 01:55
Message-ID: <72cbe2a4-807a-410c-94ab-68fe7ae8e12a@z17g2000vbd.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: uk.tech.digital-tv
The other morning at dawn the sun was shining though the bedroom
window, right across the bed. I was already awake because I have a
problem with my skin, and it disturbs my sleep. Last week the skin was
at its worse on my fundament. It was very sore and itchy just below
the belt line at the back, and also at various points on my buttocks.
I'd never seen it although I'd certainly felt it, and it occurred to
me that the sunlight would provide a good light for some self-
examination. I went for the bathroom mirror, the portable one on a
stand. I stood the mirror at the side of the bed and put myself in
position on my side on the bed  Annoyingly the mirror was a bit too
low, so I searched round for something to lift it up, and found a
boxed VHS cassette from the box on the landing, which will eventually
go to the church fair. With the cassette in place I was able to survey
my bad skin at leisure. When I put the cassette back I was amused to
see that its title was 'Bottom'.


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