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BBCi Red Button Channels Disappeared!

Von: Java Jive (java@evij.com.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 23.05.2010 13:29
Message-ID: <f94iv5ddtdsc6bqp06itc4skc99roa6711@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: uk.tech.digital-tv
Also posted to alt.satellite.tv.europe, meant to X-post here ...

Previously I have been able to get the BBCi Red Button extra channels
by manually editing the settings on my Dreambox 7000-S.  These are the
settings I have been using:

BBC interactive 'channels':
Freq:	12441
Pol:		V
SR:		27500
FEC:	2/3

BBCi#1	2305 2306
BBCi#2	2321 2322
BBCi#3	2325 2326
BBCi#4	2329 2330
BBCi#5	2333 2334
BBCi#6	2337 2338
BBCi#7	2345 2346

Now these no longer work.  The symptoms are:

The Dreamset programme that can be used to hand edit the settings
finds the channels in the listings read from the dreambox, allows the
previous changes, to be made, but when the settings are written back
to the Dreambox, only BBCi#7 appears in the any channels listing.

When I select BBCi#7, the Dreambox says "no data for this service

Have there been some changes to the Red Button service, since, say,
the US or Australian Open, or the Winter Olympics?
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