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Is Sky HD cutting the bitrates on its HD channels to squeeze in more "HD" channels?

Von: scoobie (paulphillipsdidsbury@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.05.2010 02:48
Message-ID: <69c92023-5f9d-47a2-8ca4-c5aef28a38dc@b18g2000yqb.googlegroups.com>
Followup-to: uk.tech.digital-tv
Newsgroup: uk.tech.digital-tv
I noticed what I thought was a difference in picture quality tonight
on Sky1HD. I checked Linowsat and they seem to have dropped the
bitrate to squeeze a new sports channels onto the same transponder -
Sky Sports HD 4 which launched on 29th April

I hope I'm wrong because Sky 1 HD was the best HD picture in the UK in
my opinion.

The Sky One HD average bitrate seems to have droppped from 18mbps to
12mbps over the past week, at the same time as the new Sports channel
came on air - that doesn't sound like a coincidence, so it seems Sky's
strategy is to squeeze more channels into the same pint pot.

National Geographic's Linosat bitrate graph ( on the same transponder
as Sky1HD) also seems to be heading due South. Again that was one of
the better channels for picture quality.

Is this a case of the marketing department overruling picture quality
to get to 50 relatively poorish quality HD channels by year end?


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