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Offshore DAB ?

Von: Stephen (stephen@junkmail.sptv.demon.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 05.06.2010 11:15
Message-ID: <NAoOn.83710$9J1.864@hurricane>
Newsgroup: uk.tech.broadcast
An offshore DAB station could have 800 kW e.r.p. if it used the same
transmitter power as they used on Medium Wave. How far could this much
higher e.r.p. "push" the signal over the horizon? Would it provide a strong
enough signal in London from the same sort of anchorage near Clacton that
Laser 558 and Radio Caroline used?

I'm assuming a 50 kW transmitter, an 8 tier antenna stack, and use of only
one half of it, on whichever side of the ship's mast is facing inland on a
particular day, i.e. an antenna gain of 16. The e.r.p would be 80 times
higher than any present day DAB station. Normal DAB transmitters are pretty
low powered compared with FM and Medium Wave and this should give offshore
stations quite an advantage if they chose to set themselves up on DAB.

Coverage maps for the old ITA Croydon Channel 9 transmitter show it had a
range of 70 miles with 400 kW e.r.p. on more or less the same wavelength as
DAB, so maybe it's possible?

Would have posted this to alt.radio digital but that newsgroup has been
eliminated by Demon Internet from their newsgroup list.

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