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Cheap HD Satellite Kit

Von: John Legon (john@nospam.demon.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 31.03.2010 23:29
Message-ID: <Ke786BAs67sLFwHO@legon.demon.co.uk>
Newsgroup: uk.tech.broadcast
Popped into B&Q to buy a hedge-trimmer and saw the Ross HD satellite kit
(free-to-air not FreeSat) on offer for £79 :


Today I decided to give it a try and have been well pleased with the
results so far.  The plus points for me were the multi-satellite support
and the ability to record to an external USB memory stick or HDD device.
The manual (available for download) suggests that it's only possible to
record the programme being watched, but in fact another channel can be
recorded if it's on the same transponder.  Not shown in the manual is
the front panel LED display which gives the channel number, unlike some
other basic HD boxes.

Since I already had a dish set up for Astra 28E, it was just a question
of connecting up and switching on.  I was genuinely surprised to see the
last channel in the programme list (#347) appear on the screen without
any need for a scan or other setting up.  Pressing 1 brought up BBC 1,
and it turned out that the box had been pre-configured with a sensible
channel order.  BBC HD and ITV HD are both in the list.

On powering up with a memory stick inserted to test recording, I was
alarmed to see the box doing a software update.  I had forgotten about
the image file I had downloaded onto the stick from the above URL, just
in case it was needed...  I have no idea whether it made any difference,
but there was no problem with the transfer.  One of the transponders
still needed a re-scan to bring in the correct channel data.

Programmes are recorded in *.ts format and are immediately playable on
my PC.  Perfecto!  The box made a brave attempt to record BBC HD to the
memory stick and the results were 'almost' perfect.  Unfortunately it
lost the plot at one point, but it might work OK with a USB-HDD.

Apart from that, the menus are rather dreary and the user interface is
not as nearly slick as it should be.  I haven't yet tried the supplied
dish and LNB or DiSEqC switching...

John L

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