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Made-on-digital programmes still have flyback half-lines

Von: Mortimer (me@privacy.net) [Profil]
Datum: 21.01.2010 09:30
Message-ID: <7rqhleF6ekU1@mid.individual.net>
Newsgroup: uk.tech.broadcast
I know that the analogue standards PAL and NTSC had the beginning of the
first active line and the end of the last line missing, to allow interlacing
to work properly with old timebases.

But why is this perpetuated in digital TV, which is just a rectangular array
of pixels, and where timing for flyback and interlacing isn't necessary.

I've noticed that modern programmes (eg Michael Portillo's railway
programmes on BBC2), as displayed on iPlayer or on an off-air recording in
Media Centre, have a half-width black line at the top left and at the bottom

Surely programmes like this will have been made on all-digital equipment and
won't have been anywhere near PAL.

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