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Bastards at McLaren at it again

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Datum: 31.10.2009 21:12
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Heikki Kovalainen warns of favouritism towards Lewis Hamilton at McLaren

Heikki Kovalainen has a issued a warning for whoever takes his seat at
McLaren next season to get used to being an afterthought to Lewis

The Finn is expected to depart McLaren after this weekend's inaugural
race in Abu Dhabi, and like his predecessor Fernando Alonso, he will
leave angry at the preferential treatment shown to co-driver Hamilton.

"It was always difficult to accept that Lewis was always the first to
receive the new parts," Kovalainen was quoted as saying in Finnish
newspaper Helsingen Sanomat. "I have never wanted to make a big deal
about it, but it would have been nice to just once had the new parts on
my car, particularly after we lost the chance of winning the

Kovalainen has 22 points this season compared to Hamilton's 49, but
felt that difference would have been much smaller had the team been
more even-handed in its alternate strategies.

"Every time this season, when Hamilton and I are in the third part of
qualifying, I had to do it with more fuel. If you take into account the
quantities of fuel, I would have had pole position several times."

Nick Heidfeld is the latest driver to be linked to McLaren. The German
is on the lookout for a drive next season following the withdrawal of
BMW from the sport and doubts as to whether the remnant Sauber team
will get a place on the grid in 2010.

"Nick's qualities are well known to us, but still nothing is decided,"
Mercedes Motorsport president Norbert Haug was quoted as saying in the
German media.

Heidfeld was supported by Mercedes in his pre-F1 career and was
previously a McLaren test driver. Mercedes is the engine supplier to
McLaren, Brawn GP and Force India and was thought likely to step up its
involvement with Brawn next season.

Kimi Raikkonen, who is leaving Ferrari, and Jenson Button, who is in
the midst of contract negotiations with Brawn, have also been linked to
McLaren for next season.

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