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Max's Headroom ?

Von: geoff (geoff@nospampaf.co.nz) [Profil]
Datum: 20.06.2009 04:32
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What's in it ?

That his father, Oswald Mosely, was the leader of the UK's fascist
'brownshirts'  in the era of WWII was something totally out of his control.

But his subsequent dictatorial style of leadership in the FIA, and penchant
for being whipped by tarts dressed up as nazi guards (or whatever) surely
should totally discredit him in (or more to the pont 'out from') this role.

Not to mention the autocratic and monopolistic behaviour of his commercial
ubertlieutenetant/crony Herr Ecclestone.

Why should they be in a position to dictate that everybody should have their
fun removed ? Not to mention quash the aspects of F1 that make it all
worthwhile. Not to mention kill off mcug cahnce of the engineering advances
that the world (hopefully) benefits from.


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