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Now that Benitez is goneNash09.06.10
I guess its not an issue for people herebofh08.06.10
Mental anjd Pope are right..bofh08.06.10
Rafa confirmed as Inter bossPakistan Meteorol...08.06.10
Is Rooney going to be England's saviour or a li...Mentalguy2k808.06.10
Hey Pope, why did Rafa play 2 holding midfield ...Ron08.06.10
Lest we forgetbofh08.06.10
Baby twins 'mauled' by fox linked to Freemasons.Darth Simian08.06.10
RafaPope Pompous XVIII08.06.10
SEVENTHPope Pompous XVIII07.06.10
The man in charge of sourcing our new manager...bofh07.06.10
As depressing as it is to say, I don't think it...WTH07.06.10
South Africa ?a perfectly safe place to hold th...Darth Simian07.06.10
Baby twins 'mauled' by New Labour foxDarth Simian07.06.10
When Rafa wins the ECL and Serie A with InterGoogle Beta User07.06.10
England game on Sky Sports News if you're inter...Mentalguy2k807.06.10
Manchester United owner's debts hit £1.1bnBaldoni07.06.10
Two competing views of LFCGoogle Beta User07.06.10
Himno nacional UruguayoBaldoni07.06.10
Positive Message for world championshipSelly06.06.10
Rafa is No1!Darth Simian06.06.10
What made him do it?Darth Simian06.06.10
BettingPakistan Meteorol...06.06.10
ot: Jim Tucker reporting from Bilderberg 2010 S...Pakistan Meteorol...06.06.10
Freemasonry symbols sighted on the Sitges hotel...Darth Simian05.06.10
Why is Hodgson considered a great coach?Google Beta User05.06.10
King KennyPakistan Meteorol...05.06.10
Next Liverpool Manager SithcastDarth Simian05.06.10
Freemasons and Occultist Madame BlavatskyDarth Simian05.06.10
USA team urged to "wind up Rooney"Mentalguy2k805.06.10
Anfield RdRedman05.06.10
Free Liverpool Mag DownloadRedman05.06.10
Emile HeskeyJohn W..05.06.10
hey lally, who would you have as boss if you co...The Magician04.06.10
General Hitzfelddiesel04.06.10
Gerrard to Captain, Carragher to start?Google Beta User04.06.10
GerrardGoogle Beta User04.06.10
I note thatPakistan Meteorol...04.06.10
Rafa "I will be moving to a bigger , more ambi...True Blue04.06.10
Uruguay the team to win WC 2010Baldoni03.06.10
Thanks RafaWTH03.06.10
This global warming thingbofh03.06.10
A case for Martin O'NeillGoogle Beta User03.06.10
BYE BYE FAT FRAUDPope Pompous XVIII03.06.10
Well done boff 2 out of 2mentalguy2k803.06.10
Thank god he has gone eh !bofh03.06.10
Thank you RafaJohn W..03.06.10
Helen of TROYPope Pompous XVIII03.06.10
Has Rafa gone yet?Pope Pompous XVIII03.06.10