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Datum: 21.05.2010 03:45
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Newsgroup: uk.singles
May updates:
16 video clips:  Mixed wrestling - CFV-118 (Dominique); DKA-3 (Desi);
SV-170 (Bobbie); and Female vs Female wrestling SV-134 - (Raven vs
Ginger and Lisa vs Patty)!  Photos from each clip @

FREE this month to Members - two  "6 minute clips" - SV-120 (Sally) &
CFV-35 (Michelle)!    JOIN and choose a previously featured "6 minute
clip" FREE from our Clips Library @ http://specialinterests.com/fmoclips.htm

Over 200 photos added in Member Galleries - including Female vs Female
wrestling, Mixed wrestling; and Poses!

and at http://simovies.net - FOUR full length movies added - Mixed
Wrestling - SV-69  (Toni); CFV-59 (Pythona - The Chiropractor);
CFV-32  (Suzie); and Female vs Female Wrestling SV-118 (Chantel vs
Brenda)!  336 titles available!

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