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Datum: 11.02.2010 04:04
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February Updates at http://lhart.com and http://ojheller.com

LHArt = 4 illustrated stories; 7 animations; and 2 Art Galleries

20 PDF stories added in Section 9 of our on-line catalog @
http://lhart.com/catalog.htm   Over 300 PDF stories listed by
subheadings!   SAVE 50% to 60% on many titles!  Videos in Section 6
are on sale for $30.00 - SAVE $10 on each!!

READING SECTION - You may contribute your true story of an AMAZON
ENCOUNTER in your life for possible illustration!

Check out Custom Text Story - commission authors like Kandor, Madman,
Legion and Dan Sullivan to write you a personal custom story!  Custom
illustrations available too!  NEW ARTIST OZZY has a samples Gallery in
our FREE section - he loves drawing Female Muscle Growth.

And check out website of the Orrin J. Heller Collection  -
http://www.ojheller.com - filled with material on strong and muscular
women over the last couple of centuries (especially the first half of
the 1900's).  Member's area updated each month

Art Galleries available in the FREE area!!

Added this month two video clips; two photo galleries  -  Athletes;
and Gynmasts!  And a PDF of Special Bulletin 68 Part 1

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