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SIMovies - mixed & fem vs fem wrestling!

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THREE full length movies added at http://simovies.net
Mixed Wrestling DKA-3 featuring Desi; and CFV37 featuring Carmen; and
Female vs Female Wrestling SV100 featuring Delia vs Debbie T.   323
titles available!

Mixed Wrestling - DKA-3 -  featuring Desi
Captured, he must succumb the demands of the heart-stopping beauty -
Desi. With her silky smooth limbs and velvety soft full breasts, she
performs erotic schoolboy pins, breast smothers, and devastating head
and body scissors... one of which lasts so long it sends ripples of
pain down his spine and into every other area of his body. Finally, in
a stimulating ending he is humiliated and reduced to worshiping her
feet, sucking her toes and stroking her calves and potent thighs.
(#441)  Length 50 minutes

Mixed Wrestling - CFV-37 -  featuring Carmen
Carmen and her dancing partner are working on their tango routine.  He
tosses her once too often and the wirey, sleekly-muscled beauty
doesn't take anything from anybody.  She uses her lethal legs to
humiliate him into removing her shoes.  She almost severs his head
with her incredibly long, sexy legs.  With his spirit broken he crawls
away leaving Carmen to wonder what her next dancing parnter will be
like.  Will she have to break him in too?

Female vs Female Wrestling - SV-100 - featuring Delia vs Debbie T
The two gorgeous blondes begin arm wrestling.  With muscles bulging
and straining, Delia (5' 11" - 142 lbs) beats Debbie T (5' 10" - 150
lbs) hands down.  Debbie T becomes incensed because as Debbie T says,
" I hate to lose".  Debbie T enjoys humiliating her victim when she
gets the chance and demands that Delia admit that Debbie T is
tougher.  But, is she?  Delia is a never give up competitor in this
exciting match.  The winner plants her foot on her opponent's back and
stands over her in a much enjoyed victory pose!

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