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Attn John of the Wright

Von: Loretta (loretta@dontbother.com) [Profil]
Datum: 18.02.2010 20:49
Message-ID: <VNudnSPBCOpEBODWnZ2dnUVZ7sSdnZ2d@bt.com>
Newsgroup: uk.singles
My apologies to all for using the froup in such a dastardley way but I
thought as I'm not trying to sell my body or erectile disfunction apparatus
I might just get away with it.

John, can you drop me a personal so I can update you on my nefarious goings
on since we were last in touch (I've lost your address). My address is (fill
in the blanks)


remembering my first name is spelt with 'phe'

Take care

BTW if there any snugglers around who can fill in the blanks and would like
to hear from me, please drop me a lino (or any other type of floor covering
you can force through an RJ11).

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