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Datum: 11.01.2010 05:20
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January update at http://specialinterests.com
16 video clips:  Mixed wrestling - CFV-131 (Shelly); CFV-45 (Ginger);
and SV-145 (Claudia); and Female vs Female wrestling SV-109 -
(Victoria vs Bonnie)!
Photos from each clip in Sample Gallery @ http://specialinterests.com/samples/0110
TWO FREE "6 minute clips" for Members this month - SV-100 (Delia vs
Debbie T) & CFV-46 (Laura)!
Also 105 photos added in 10 galleries - including Female vs Female and
JOIN and choose a previously featured "6 minute clip" FREE from our
Clips Library @ http://specialinterests.com/fmoclips.htm

January update at http://simovies.net
THREE full length movies added - Mixed Wrestling SV113 featuring
Joanna and CFV39 featuring Debbie T; and Female vs Female Wrestling
SV99 featuring Brigitte vs Blaze.   316 titles available!

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