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Blog: Kent Hovind: still in jail.

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Datum: 13.01.2010 16:12
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Kent Hovind: still in jail

Category: Creationism  Kooks
Posted on: January 12, 2010 9:36 AM, by PZ Myers


Apparently, Kent Hovind filed for an appeal to the Supreme Court based
on a claim that he really wasn't trying to finagle his way past US tax
laws by structuring all of his bank withdrawals to be under $10,000,
therefore avoiding a trigger that would demand they be reported; it's
unfair to target withdrawals that way, and besides, they were all for
his Christian ministry. Hovind also had another ace up his sleeve: he
begged his readers to pray for him.

I guess God doesn't like him: "Mr. Hovind's appeal for a rehearing
before the Supreme Court has been denied.".

By the way, Kent Hovind is still putting up bizarre dialogs on his CSE
blogs. He's been having conversations with God, dead Egyptian priests,
and Christian saints, who all reassure him about how clever and smart
and good he is, despite being in prison for tax evasion. It's pathetic
and sad. There has to be a word for this: it's a kind of
mega-sockpuppetry, in which it isn't just random strangers on the
internet mysteriously popping up to back him up  it's God and the
saints and heroes of history who are all appearing as voices in his
head to validate him.

Oh, I guess there is a word for that. It's called "religion".


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