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Datum: 20.01.2010 20:20
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updates at http://specialinterests.com and http://simovies.net

85 photos added in member galleries - "Mixed Wrestling" and "Lift and
Carry"!!  Two "6 minute clips"  FREE this month - SV-100 (Brigitte vs
Blaze) & CFV-46 (Laura)!   Seven "10 minute clips" (DKA3; CFV175;
CFV77; CFV39; SV121; SV119; and SV67)  added to Clips Library @

2 full length movies added - Mixed Wrestling SV123 featuring Brigitte;
and Female vs Female Wrestling CFV41 featuring Carmen vs Nora.   318
titles available!

SV-123 -  Brigitte - (Mixed wrestling)
When Brigitte's (5'10" 145 lbs) personal trainer starts pushing her
around, she wastes no time in returning the favor.  Applying awesome
power and pressure, she squeezes his head between her rock solid
thighs, cutting off circulation and his ability to breathe. The more
he squirms and complains, the more excited she gets, tearing him apart
with an energetic rampage, enjoying  every bit of it as he struggles
pathetically, moaning and groaning. Cradle carries, airplane spins,
bone crushing scissors and more are utilized by this wonderous amazon
as she lays waste to another victim!!  Length 38 minutes

CFV-41  -  Carmen vs Nora - (Fem vs Fem wrestling)
Carmen is infuriated by her hairdresser, Nora, who has done Carmen's
hair a shocking blue!!  Carmen throws Nora down and holds her in a
cross body pin while ripping Nora's false fingernails off one by one.
The sexy women start brawling in an all out catfight with lots of head
and body scissors and pins.  Carmen uses a leather belt to violently
persuade the long haired beautician to fix her hair.  This video is a
hair raising experience!! Length 37 minutes

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