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News: Balancing Evolution with Religious Belief.

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Datum: 13.01.2010 16:42
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Balancing Evolution with Religious Belief


Reported by: Mike McClanahan
Last Update: 1/12 7:04 pm

Dr. Lee Meadows is a professor at the UAB School of Education and the
author of "The Missing Link- An Inquiry Approach for Teaching All
Students About Evolution."

It is an instructional handbook for teachers on how to approach the
topic of evolution without offending any student's religious beliefs.
Dr. Meadows does not think science and religion are mutually
exclusive, but he thinks everyone should be exposed to evolution
whether they accept it or not.

"What I'm hoping to do is take some of the fear out of it for kids and
classrooms," Dr. Lee Meadows. "I was one of those kids, I grew up in
North Mississippi in a very conservative even fundamentalist church,"
Dr. Lee Meadows.  "If you don't understand evolution it's hard to
understand science because evolution cuts through almost all science.

At Southeastern Bible College, Dr. Thomas Easterwood has a different

"I don't think you have to know about evolution to understand
science," Dr. Thomas Easterwood.

He said students at Southeastern Bible College are learning about
evolution and contrasting concepts like creationism.

"Evolution goes beyond science in some sense. It's a philosophy,
another way of thinking about the world around us and so from that
point of view it does step beyond science at times," said Dr. Thomas

Both men agree that everyone must decide for themselves how the world

"That's a decision that kids and moms and dads and every adult in
Alabama needs to make on their own, but you need to understand what
the evidence is as you make those decisions," Dr. Lee Meadows.


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