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Datum: 04.12.2009 01:50
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December updates at SpecialInterests.com and SIMovies.net!

update @ http://specialinterests.com
16 video clips:  Mixed wrestling - CFV-126 (Solveig); CFV-63
(Kristie); SV-113 (Joanna); and Fem vs Fem wrestling SV-100 - (Delia
vs Debbie T) -  Sample Gallery @ http://specialinterests.com/samples/1209
FREE "6 minute clips" for Members this month - SV-105 (Kit) & CFV-156
(Debbie T)
111 photos added in 12 galleries - including Worship and Poses!!
JOIN and choose a previously featured "6 minute clip" FREE ($6.99
SAVINGS!) @ http://specialinterests.com/fmoclips.htm

update @ http://simovies.net
2 full length Mixed Wrestling movies added - CFV-45 (Ginger) and
SV-107 (Monica) -  311 titles available!

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