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November update at http://specialinterests.com and http://simovies.net

16 video clips:  Mixed wrestling - CFV-77 featuring Gina; and SV-173
featuring Athena and Alice vs Buddy; and FemvsFem wrestling SV-117 -
featuring Rochelle vs Debbie T!   Photos from each clip available @
Over 100 photos added in 12 member galleries - including Victory
Poses!!  FREE this month to members - TWO "6 minute clips" -  SV-114
(Mary) & CFV-50 (Brigitte)!   JOIN and choose a previously featured "6
minute clip" FREE from our Clips Library @ http://specialinterests.com/fmoclips.htm

2 full length Mixed Wrestling movies added - CFV-75 featuring Maria
and SV-105 featuring Kit!  306 titles available!

CFV-75 - Maria
Maria (5'6", 120 lbs) is a strong, shapely, and very sexy brunette.
When her boyfriend (5'7", 150 lbs) tells her that she is too thin and
frail, she wastes no time in setting the record straight.  With one
forceful thrust she pushes his head down between her legs and lifts
him upside-down.  Next she jumps all over him, wrestling him into
submission with a figure four forcefully squeezing with her succulent
thighs till he passes out.  The battle continues with her dominating
every move, wearing him down with lifts, spins, and cradles.  "It is
curtains for you!!",  she says with a smile, claiming her final
victory by squeezing his neck and head with incredible strength and
power.  Once his lights are out, it is good night and sweet dreams!

SV-105 Kit
Kit (5'6, 126 lbs) shows Buck more than he expected.  He is rendered
senseless by her punishing head scissors.  Kit playfully grapevines
and full nelsons Buck until he is helpless.  Kit lifts and throws his
weakened body to the floor.  She humiliates him by riding him around
the floor horsey-style.  The pretty blonde gives Buck the workout of
his life.

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