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Wet Northamptonjbm09.06.10
Brussels bright and warm but cloudy in the afte...Colin Youngs08.06.10
Wembury wet and dryLen Wood08.06.10
Very wet in SW England on Tuesday - Dunkeswell ...Colin Youngs08.06.10
[WR] Otter Valley, Devon - SoggyNick Gardner08.06.10
The great winter of Londonthearklightreturns08.06.10
[OBS] Bracknell 08 June 2010Roy Avis08.06.10
Obs2 - Reading (Southcote) 08 Jun 2010Eric08.06.10
Mod shower followed by THUNDER Marlow Bucks 8 JuneRicardo08.06.10
[OBS] Evershot, WDorset: Tues 08/06/10Hugh Newbury08.06.10
[OBS] Wokingham 8Jun10Bernard Burton08.06.10
[OBS] Bracknell 08 June 2010Roy Avis08.06.10
Obs - Reading (Southcote) 08 Jun 2010Eric08.06.10
Interestinf south Coast SSTsGraham Easterling08.06.10
Penzance - WetGraham Easterling08.06.10
European Monsoon!Keith (Southend)G08.06.10
(OBS)Romansleigh, N Devon: 08 Jun 10AndyP08.06.10
Today's model interpretation (8/06/10)Darren Prescott08.06.10
Barometric pressure in TibetAlastair08.06.10
(OBS)Romansleigh, N Devon: 07 Jun 10AndyP07.06.10
S.Essex (Laindon) May 2010Dave Cornwell07.06.10
[OBS] Bracknell 07 June 2010Roy Avis07.06.10
Heavy showers - West YorkshireDorian07.06.10
Obs2 - Reading (Southcote) 07 Jun 2010Eric07.06.10
Joe B. A legend in his own crunchtimeLawrence Jenkins07.06.10
[OBS] Bracknell 07 June 2010Roy Avis07.06.10
[OBS] Wokingham 7Jun10Bernard Burton07.06.10
[OBS] Evershot, WDorset: Mon 07/06/10Hugh Newbury07.06.10
Obs - Reading (Southcote) 07 Jun 2010Eric07.06.10
Today's model interpretation (7/06/10)Darren Prescott07.06.10
Storms hit American Mid-westjbm07.06.10
Epping May 2010 and Spring 2010George Booth06.06.10
[WR] Otter Valley, Devon - June SunshineNick Gardner06.06.10
Obs3 - Reading (Southcote) 06 Jun 2010Eric06.06.10
Storms moving up from FranceIan Waddell06.06.10
Avbrief ?Keith (Southend)G06.06.10
Obs2 - Reading (Southcote) 06 Jun 2010Eric06.06.10
[OBS] Bracknell 06 June 2010Roy Avis06.06.10
[OBS] Bracknell 06 June 2010Roy Avis06.06.10
Penzance warmer than yesterday.Graham Easterling06.06.10
[OBS] Evershot, WDorset: Sun 06/06/10Hugh Newbury06.06.10
[OBS] Wokingham 6Jun10Bernard Burton06.06.10
Haytor - May 2010 summaryWill Hand06.06.10
No thunderAnne Burgess06.06.10
Obs - Reading (Southcote) 06 Jun 2010Eric06.06.10
Indian Monsoon delay ?Keith (Southend)G06.06.10
Cold NE'ly this week?Keith (Southend)G06.06.10
[WR] Guildford 6jun10Phil Layton06.06.10
Today's model interpretation (6/06/10)Darren Prescott06.06.10
[WR] Bewdley - thunderDavid Buttery06.06.10