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UFO phenomena, reports and related topics in the UK

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TEST TEST TEST .,.,.,.,.,.,><><><><><Dean24.04.09
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UGO testHarry02.12.08
µêÀÀ¿ì¤½«Ç--¥x¥ «°³ù°Ó°È¤¤¤ßtaisn30.09.08
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¡ïA good forum ¡ï106.06.08
JTC UFO Sightings Database updated with 1997-20...Daniel Guenther20.05.08
ET's Have Always Visited UsKen Kubos14.05.08
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Protect yourself against Operation Sudden FallSelma.Daub@dea.gov10.05.08
Sad Explanations for Supernatural Phenomena...Ken Kubos08.05.08
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Norway in UFO Photographs: The First Catalogue.Ole Jonny Brænne03.02.08
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