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General discussion of Citizens' Band Radio in the UK

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Is It Worth Buying a Rig?Bone03.06.10
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WANTED - BREAKER MAGAZINE ISSUE 7 July 1981 & I...wikiradio.org.uk05.05.10
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---FA---Uniden UH-088 UHF 40 channel RadioPeterL122.03.10
FA---Uniden UH-088 UHF 40 channel RadioPeterL121.03.10
FA: Uniden UH-088 UHF 40 channel Radio---LAST D...PeterL125.02.10
More Junk from Sch...you know whoThe Ledgend Returns07.02.10
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Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor (no BS-8) Oscill...Pirata31.12.09
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Centre loaded ModulatorHiram14.12.09
Don't put up with it you dick!Gav29.11.09
Anyone out there, c'mon?Bandwidth@example...26.11.09
Citizens Bandwidth Magazine, November 2009, now...Bandwidth@example...02.11.09
FS: NEW Minicircuits ZKL-1R5 RF MICROWAVE AMPLI...Mark Licetti28.10.09
Schedule: 2nd CB-Lounge Exhibition 24.October 2...Henning Gajek13.10.09
Ex 934mhz Club Uk Member herePaul uk8627.09.09
FA: Galaxy DX-2517 Multimode Homebase. ebay 160...Mark Hemming11.06.09
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