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To discuss gardening topics relevant to the UK

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East Ruston Old VicarageSacha09.06.10
Planting out LeeksPete08.06.10
Stachyurus praecox - att. Janet.Gopher08.06.10
Pond aerator -- any good?Hugh Newbury08.06.10
Potatoes Falling OverIan B08.06.10
daffodils floweringJanet Tweedy08.06.10
O/T: For whoever wanted the TopCashback link fo...vicky@dinky.vm.by...08.06.10
Help Identify Plant and Pruning AdviceDave Nicholls08.06.10
Courgette or zucchini?Alison08.06.10
Garden Railways?The Weary Gardener08.06.10
The Bird Box SagaTheScullster08.06.10
Butternut SquashDavid WE Roberts07.06.10
OT Looking for pulletsSacha07.06.10
Elaeagnus x ebbingei - Boom.Therefore07.06.10
New PotatoesDonwill07.06.10
Gypsum for clay soilChris J Dixon07.06.10
Herbs near Leeds?Orangepeel07.06.10
sataday funnyPeter Lucas06.06.10
Cmpacted Ground - LawnDigmeup06.06.10
Cherries dropping their fruitPlum06.06.10
problem with Acer leaves?sheila06.06.10
thoughtPeter Lucas05.06.10
Can anyone please ID this Triffid?!Mazzer1205.06.10
Urine as fertiliserDavid in Normandy05.06.10
Germination :-)David WE Roberts05.06.10
Powdery Mildew.David D05.06.10
Powdery Mildew?David D05.06.10
Rose sawflyoldhenwife@google...05.06.10
Weed free garden anyone?David in Normandy05.06.10
Whisky Barrel Pond - Mozzie larvae.Jill Bell05.06.10
bare/burnt groundKate Morgan05.06.10
abc for newcomers to uk.rec.gardeningsysop05.06.10
Lily beetleMike Lyle04.06.10
todays humorPeter Lucas04.06.10
rubber plantsolaara04.06.10
Greenhouse IrrigationJMS04.06.10
Identification needed pleaseGranity04.06.10
Millions of housewives every day...Malc@example.com04.06.10
ID Bugs On Roses Please?Ian B04.06.10
bay tree thoughtsJanet Tweedy04.06.10
Looking for....Dave Poole04.06.10
Laying turf - some advice requiredmo04.06.10
Wednsday humorPeter Lucas03.06.10
leveling gardenSammy2503.06.10
best peonyJanet Tweedy03.06.10
climbing strawberryPam Moore03.06.10
PING: GardenbanterJames P03.06.10
Can Anyone Identify My Mower ModelPeter Harries03.06.10