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Unwanted mailings from Environment Agency

Von: Chris Mitchell (chris.a.mitchell@nospambtinternet.com) [Profil]
Datum: 01.05.2010 08:58
Message-ID: <K4ednVEQ_Mm2TEbWnZ2dnUVZ7sqdnZ2d@bt.com>
Newsgroup: uk.rec.fishing.coarse
I buy a rod licence because I am required by law to do so.

Why do I then receive Catch magazine?  I didn't ask for this and could do
without it.

Given that this comes from the Environment Agency do they not consider the
environmental costs of producing and distributing unwanted mailings.  I
appreciate that they try to keep the costs down with ads and inclusions,
however these also have an environmental impact.

Why can I not opt out of receiving these and get only what I am obliged to
apply for at a cost that reflects the savings made through not receiving
these unwanted mailings?

If others wish to continue to receive these associated mailings then they
should be able to opt in at a supplementary cost.

I look forward to the EA's response.

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