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River Nene (UK) - now a no-go area for locals and swans

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Datum: 30.03.2010 09:45
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River Nene (UK) - now a no-go area for locals and swans

Immigrants blamed for pillaging fish and swans from river

Gangs of immigrants have been blamed for "pillaging" fish and even
swans from a city's river.

Published: 11:03AM GMT 23 Mar 2010


Animal welfare officers in Peterborough, Cambs. have launched an
investigation following the discovery of butchered swan carcasses and
a ''sudden'' decline in fish stocks

Fishermen say Eastern European migrants are responsible for the
incidents along the River Nene.

Five Polish men were caught illegally fishing in the area over the
last week, and signs have now been erected in multiple languages to
deter the poachers.

Andy Jackson, Secretary of the Angling Association, said: ''Many of
the waters that we control are being systematically raped and
by migrants.

''Migrants see it as their right to carry on doing what they have
doing in their homeland.

''Many view the countryside as a 'free' source of food. The fish
stocks in the River Nene and Ferry Meadows have declined markedly in
the last six years.

''There is a definite correlation between this and the influx of
migrants into the city.''

Conservative Peterborough City Councillor Marion Todd has appealed to
members of the public to help catch swan killers and illegal fishers.

She said: ''I think people who come to this country - whoever they
- need to be educated that this is wrong. Even the Queen is now
from eating swans.

Swan poachers were considered to be committing treason until 1998, as
they are protected by the crown, but the offence now carries a £5,000
fine or prison sentence.





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